16 March 2016

Letter to the Editor

I wrote the following to the BYU campus newspaper when I found out that someone close to me was being mistreated for asking a student to abide by the Honor Code.

My first reaction was violence...but Jesus said this was the better route.  I'm sure they won't publish it - but it's better than asking Rin-Dizzle for bail money.  ;)

"Dear small population of BYU students that appear to be entitled and spoiled to the public,

You have signed an Honor Code.  You have agreed to keep the standards outlined in that Honor Code, ranging from chastity to growing facial hair.

If you are caught breaking said Honor Code - it is not okay to bad mouth The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is not okay to publicly shame your professors/peers who ask you to uphold the Honor Code.

Again, YOU agreed to live by the standards outlined in it.  There are plenty of other Universities that allow shorter skirts, beards, and other activities outside of the Honor Code. Please feel free to attend a school you'd be happier at.

Your Sister in the Gospel that was kicked out of BYU for breaking the Honor Code"


  1. You rock Analee! Love it!!

  2. Brown Sugar for PRESIDENT! By far the best choice we have this year!